VS Code: Removal of Trailing Spaces

The Windows\Linux keyboard shortcut for removing trailing spaces in VS Code is: Ctrl + K Ctrl + X On macOS it is: ⌘ + K ⌘ + X Alternatively you can access the option via the Command Palette. (Windows\Linux: Ctrl+Shift+P macOS: ⇧⌘P, F1) and type trim which will shorten the options, select the command “Trim […]

Getting started with Google Sheets QUERY function

The Google Sheets QUERY function uses the Google Visualization API Query Language which offers a syntax similar to Structured Query Language (SQL) and if you have an understanding of SQL it offers a intuitive and familiar method of working with data stored in Google Sheets. In this post, after describing the sample data, the QUERY function […]

Adding tailwindcss to Django

In this post I will describe how to add the tailwindcss framework to a Django project. The example which follows was developed on Windows 10 with VS Code, Django 3.2.9, tailwindcss 3.0.8 Start Here If you don’t have a Django project to hand, you can clone the example I will be using throughout the rest of […]

Django Logging with VS Code

Rather than rehash the excellent official documentation on Django Logging I will demonstrate how you can add logging to an existing Django project. settings.py Add the following to the settings.py. This is an example based on one used in the documentation and I have found it easier to understand by starting at the bottom. root […]