Django: Using an Oracle database

This post will show you how to configure a Django application to use an Oracle database. Demo overview The goal of the Django project is to store episode information for the crime fiction television series Columbo. What you will need To build this demo I used the following: VS Code 1.5.6 Django 3.2.3 Python 3.9.1 Oracle Database […]

Oracle Apex: Passing a value from a report to a database procedure

This post explains how to pass a value from a Apex classic report to a database procedure. Following a discussion of the objective and a high level overview, the post concludes with a practical demonstration. The example used throughout the post was built using using Apex 19.1 and Oracle Database 19 but this technique should work […]

SQLDeveloper: Exporting query results as CSV

This post will show you how to use the SQLFORMAT command from SQL Developer to transform a query output to CSV. Out of the box CSV Enter the following into SQL Developer, I am using SQL Developer version 18.1 and execute it as a script by pressing F5. and here is the output: “EMPLOYEE_ID”,”LAST_NAME”,”SALARY” 198,”OConnell”,2600 199,”Grant”,2600 […]