Raspberry Pi: Open Current Folder in Terminal shortcut not working

On several occasions the useful feature of opening the current folder in a terminal session from File Manager by pressing F4 had stopped working. This problem can appear either by displaying an error similar to the screen shot above or no error is displayed and nothing happens, the terminal session does not start. The resolution […]

DAKboard: Raspberry Pi cron tips

When setting up a Raspberry Pi to be used as a DAKboard you may want to ensure that some tasks happen on a regular basis. The cron job scheduler can be used to achieve this and in this post I will show you how you can schedule turning the display off and restarting the Raspberry […]

Raspberry Pi: Renaming all file extensions in a directory

In this post I will show you how I used a single line script that I found buried within a comment to a Unix.Stackexchange answer to rename all the file extensions in a directory. The single line script To use, start a new terminal session and change to the directory that were the files reside. […]

What is taking up space on my Raspberry Pi?

The ncdu command can be used to see what is taking up space on your Raspberry Pi hard drive. Using ncdu My Raspberry Pi is running Raspbian Release 10 Codename Buster and ncdu was already installed. Start a new terminal session, type ncdu and press enter. ncdu is fast. On a Raspberry Pi 3 it […]

Raspberry Pi 4 in portrait mode uses half the screen

I ran into a problem when putting together a Dakboard powered by a Raspberry Pi 4. When I changed the display orientation to portrait only half of the screen was being used. My Raspberry Pi is running Raspbian Release 10 Codename Buster. The problem was visible on two different monitors so I knew the problem […]