NDC 2018

I try to attend a developers conference once a year and this year I attended NDC London 2018.  I was surprised that only two developers out of the many I had asked  before going knew of the NDC brand of conferences.  I discovered NDC thanks to Carl and Richard of .NET Rocks! Thanks gents, I owe […]

Contributing to an Open Source Project

I have been interested in Git, the distributed version control software since reading the first edition of Scott Chacon’s Git book way back in 2010. However outside of my own projects, my real world experience of using Git is relatively limited and it’s one of the skills I never seem to get around to improving on. To change […]

Structured Basis Testing

Re-reading Code Complete 2 recently, I came across the concept of Structured Basis Testing which despite its foreboding name is in fact an easy to understand and straight forward method that you can use to calculate the minimum number of unit test required to exercise every path through a function or procedure. Structured Basis testing […]