SQL Developer: ANSI/Oracle Joins toggle

The ability to switch between ANSI and Oracle style joins was introduced in SQL Developer 19.2. How to use The example will show how a query using the Oracle outer join style can be changed to use the ANSI style. Highlight the SQL statement Right click to bring up the context menu and select Refactoring […]

SQLDeveloper: Exporting query results as CSV

This post will show you how to use the SQLFORMAT command from SQL Developer to transform a query output to CSV. Out of the box CSV Enter the following into SQL Developer, I am using SQL Developer version 18.1 and execute it as a script by pressing F5. and here is the output: “EMPLOYEE_ID”,”LAST_NAME”,”SALARY” 198,”OConnell”,2600 199,”Grant”,2600 […]

What is Oracle SQLcl?

SQL Developer Command Line (SQLcl) was introduced in 2016 and is a new Command Line Interface (CLI) for working with the Oracle Database. Why? What about SQL*Plus When compared with SQL*Plus, SQLcl provides a modern way of working on the command line with features such as object completion, inline editing and a history of commands […]

SQL Developer: New worksheet, new session?

Default Behaviour The out of the box behaviour of SQL Developer is that SQL worksheets share the same connection. What does that mean? If you perform a insert, update or delete in one worksheet without issuing a commit, the result(s) can be viewed in another shared worksheet. This can be illustrated by the following example. […]