SQLDeveloper: Exporting query results as CSV

This post will show you how to use the SQLFORMAT command from SQL Developer to transform a query output to CSV. Out of the box CSV Enter the following into SQL Developer, I am using SQL Developer version 18.1 and execute it as a script by pressing F5. and here is the output: “EMPLOYEE_ID”,”LAST_NAME”,”SALARY” 198,”OConnell”,2600 199,”Grant”,2600 […]

Using INSERT ALL with related tables

In this article I will demonstrate a method where the INSERTALL statement can be used to insert rows into two tables that are related by a foreign key constraint. The following example was developed and tested using the Pre-Built Oracle Database App Development VM which at the time of this post used Oracle Database  & SQL […]

No surprises with Oracle 12c Identity Column performance

Oracle 12c introduced the Identity Column. You can find out more about this feature in the new features guide and within the CREATE TABLE documentation. In this article I will use Tom Kyte’s run stats utility to compare the performance of the IDENTITY column with the explicit use of a sequence object. The script below will be used to […]

Using SQL with Associative Arrays of records in Oracle 12c

The ability of using SQL to operate on Associative Arrays or PL/SQL tables as they were known when I started working as a Database Developer is one of my favourite new features of 12c. I wasn’t aware of it until I read the post by Connor Mcdonald. It’s announcement within the new features guide is […]