Angular Routing: Displaying a spinner

Whilst working through Deborah Kurata’s superb Pluralsight Course on Angular Routing, in module 9 Styling, Animating, and Watching Routes, she mentions if you want the spinner to appear whilst the products are loaded for the product list page you can create a resolver. In this post I show you how I created a resolver for […]

Which RxJS operator should I use?

The RxJS documentation has a excellent feature called Operator Decision Tree which makes choosing an operator easier. Starting at the RxJS home page, select API docs and then the Operator Decision Tree. By responding to each question asked about what you are trying to achieve you will be guided to the appropriate operator. The animated […]

Obtaining browser location information using Angular

Whilst building a weather app I needed access to the browsers location information in order to display relevant weather information and I thought it might be of use if I posted the method I used. Geolocation.getCurrentPosition() The Geolocation.getCurrentPosition() method can be used to get the current location. It accepts one mandatory parameter which is a callback […]

Porting a Javascript To Do app to Angular

Whilst looking around for my next Angular project I came across this superb tutorial by CodeExplained which described building a rather snazzy JavaScript To Do app. After watching the video and building the example I decided to port it to Angular to see what I could learn. I didn’t expect to enjoy the process quite […]