Using Emmet with VS Code

In this post I give an overview of Emmet and how you can use it in VS Code. What is Emmet? Emmet is an add on to a text editor that uses CSS like expressions which can speed up writing boilerplate primarily in HTML, XML and CSS but can be extended to other programming languages. […]

Learning new text editing shortcuts

Scott Hanselman’s superb video on text editing is a must watch for developers of all levels because it is something that we as developers do on a daily basis, whether it is in a source file, JSON, XML or just a vanilla text file. Here are four keyboard shortcuts I learnt from this video that […]

VS Code status bar colour; Why Purple? Why Blue?

I noticed that that the status bar at the bottom of VS Code would “sometimes” be purple and at other times it would be blue. The reason for the difference is VS Code will display a blue status bar when you open a folder. At all other times it will display a purple status bar. […]

Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code

This post shows you how to configure the Oracle Developer Tools extension for VS Code and then use it to query an existing table, create or alter database objects and execute PL/SQL. Prerequisites The versions I have used are shown in brackets Microsoft VS Code (1.35.1) Oracle Database ( XE Installation Start VS Code and […]