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Writing PL/SQL in Oracle Application Express

There is an excellent article on Writing PL/SQL in Oracle Application Express in the March/April 2014 edition of the Oracle Magazine. There is a lot of useful information about where your code should be located. My favourite part of the article is comparison between the parameterless function relying on the Apex V function and a […]

There is all the more reason to use database PL/SQL…

Oracle have published a white paper entitled: “With Oracle Database 12c there is all the more reason to use database PL/SQL” it’s author is Bryn Llewellyn who is the Product Manager for PL/SQL. In this paper Bryn lists the reasons he hears from customers on why they are not using PL/SQL in the database and […]

Sorting an Oracle Nested Table

This article demonstrates a method used to sort an Oracle nested table collection from within PL/SQL . The example that follows was built using the Oracle Developer Days Environment and used the following versions: Oracle Linux running via Oracle Virtual Box Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release Oracle SQL Developer The user developing […]