The second easiest way to get started with Oracle’s Application Express

Following on from my earlier post,  using VirtualBox  with the pre-built Database App Development Virtual Machine  is in my opinion, the second easiest method to getting up and running with Application Express. It is also my preferred method of prototyping, trying new features and providing answers to Stack Overflow Apex questions.

I particularly like the fact that once you have imported the pre-built Virtual Machine into Virtual box, you are good to go, there is no further configuration. It only takes three simple steps to start working with your Oracle environment.

Step 1 Start the Virtual Machine


Step 2 From the the pre built VM desktop select the Apex Track


Step 3 Start working with Apex


It is worth mentioning that the Apex credentials at the time of writing were:

Workspace: obe
Username: obe
Password: oracle

At the time of this post, the installation of Virtual box can be found here and the pre-built Database App Development Virtual Machine here .

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