Angular unit testing: If your test isn’t running check your test file name

A quick tip to save you wasting time wondering why Karma isn’t running your test. Whilst continuing to work through Joe Eames excellent Plurasight course Unit Testing in Angular I came across a problem whereby all tests in one file was not being run by Karma. I was expecting to see tests under this heading in Karma HeroesComponent (shallow tests – child component) […]

Angular routing with Chuck Norris

After watching and coding along to Deborah Kurata’s superb Pluralsight course on Angular Routing. I needed a place where I could practise some of the things I had learnt. So using the Chuck Norris API I built an app, which you can find on GitHub, where I have tried to cram in as many routing […]

Angular Routing: Displaying a spinner

Whilst working through Deborah Kurata’s superb Pluralsight Course on Angular Routing, in module 9 Styling, Animating, and Watching Routes, she mentions if you want the spinner to appear whilst the products are loaded for the product list page you can create a resolver. In this post I show you how I created a resolver for […]