Angular routing with Chuck Norris

After watching and coding along to Deborah Kurata’s superb Pluralsight course on Angular Routing. I needed a place where I could practise some of the things I had learnt.

So using the Chuck Norris API I built an app, which you can find on GitHub, where I have tried to cram in as many routing features as I could.

These were:

  • The route to Random Chuck Norris Joke uses a route resolver which means the router waits for the Chuck Norris API to return the joke before activating the route.
  • Navigation to Joke Categories uses a declarative approach which cuts down the amount of code that I needed to write.
  • Animation is used to make the transitions between routes more interesting.
  • The link to the Chuck Norris API web site uses the Internet approved method of navigating to an external (to your app) location.

It’s been a really fun project no doubt helped by some, but not all of the absurdity returned by the Chuck Norris API. Building this app has helped solidify my understanding of the Angular Router.


Thanks to Deborah Kurata for her excellent range of Angular courses on Pluralsight.

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