Learning Git with Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman has been releasing YouTube tutorials under a collective heading “Computer Stuff They Didn’t Teach You” and a number of these have been on Git. If you are just starting out with Git or even if you have been using Git for a while I recommend checking them out.


Scott is a fantastic teacher. He explains things succinctly, nothing is glossed over and there are no leaps that leave you wondering how you got here from there. On more complex topics he gently reinforces the steps taken and why a particular “thing” has just happened. The content and length of each video is spot on, there is never any padding and each video has high production values.

If you are completely new to Git or even are your team’s Git astronaut you will learn something watching this series and if you like them tell him but more important share them with your team mates, colleagues and friends.


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