The positive side effects of building stuff

The one piece of advice I wish I had been given when starting out would be that when learning about something get into the habit of using that knowledge as soon as possible. Set up an development environment so that you can build prototypes or small projects. Keep this environment up to date so that […]

Angular routing with Chuck Norris

After watching and coding along to Deborah Kurata’s superb Pluralsight course on Angular Routing. I needed a place where I could practise some of the things I had learnt. So using the Chuck Norris API I built an app, which you can find on GitHub, where I have tried to cram in as many routing […]

What is Oracle SQLcl?

SQL Developer Command Line (SQLcl) was introduced in 2016 and is a new Command Line Interface (CLI) for working with the Oracle Database. Why? What about SQL*Plus When compared with SQL*Plus, SQLcl provides a modern way of working on the command line with features such as object completion, inline editing and a history of commands […]

Writing PL/SQL in Oracle Application Express

There is an excellent article on Writing PL/SQL in Oracle Application Express in the March/April 2014 edition of the Oracle Magazine. There is a lot of useful information about where your code should be located. My favourite part of the article is comparison between the parameterless function relying on the Apex V function and a […]