Generate C# Classes from a JSON Response

The one sentence overview Generate C# classes from a JSON response. Why bother? Why not just use var? Like everything in programming it depends. For the application I am developing I like the comfort of compile time validation along with the ability to lean on IntelliSense when I need to. What I used Visual Studio […]

C# FizzBuzz

Here is my C# and .NET Core FizzBuzz program. Prerequisites The versions of the following items that I used are displayed in brackets. Install Visual Studio Code. (1.34) Install the .NET Core SDK. (2.2.300) Install the C# extension for Visual Studio Code (1.19.1) FizzBuzz Start Visual Studio Code, open the Integrated Terminal (CTRL + ‘ or View > Integrated […]

What I learnt building an Airport Explorer with ASP.NET Core

Thanks to Scott Hanselman’s tweet. I went off and had an enjoyable couple of hours building Jerrie Pelser’s Airport Explorer and learnt a lot more than I was expecting. Firstly the app is a single page ASP.NET Razor application, something I didn’t even know existed but now will be my first choice to use when developing an upcoming […]