Visual Studio’s Live Share != Screen Share

I am very excited about the potential of Live Share since it’s announcement back in November. In addition to the content on the Live Share site, I would also recommend listening to this episode of Hanselminutes where Scott talks to Amanda Silver about how Visual Studio’s Live Share goes far beyond “text editor sharing” to something deeply […]

C# Attributes

Overview This post gives an overview of C# attributes; what they are, the different flavours, when they should be used and finishing up with some examples. What are C# Attributes? Attributes in C# provide a mechanism of associating Metadata with code entities such as types, methods, properties etc. Once defined you can then retrieve the Metadata at […]

Saving a Twitter stream to MongoDB using C#

In my earlier post I built an example of saving a public Twitter stream into RavenDB. Working with RavenDB has piqued my interest with NoSQL databases so in this post I swap out RavenDB and instead use MongoDB to save some of the tweets that appear in the Twitter Public stream This example was built […]