Getting started with Google Sheets QUERY function

The Google Sheets QUERY function uses the Google Visualization API Query Language which offers a syntax similar to Structured Query Language (SQL) and if you have an understanding of SQL it offers a intuitive and familiar method of working with data stored in Google Sheets. In this post, after describing the sample data, the QUERY function […]

Don’t add features, solve problems

If you have not watched Rich Hickey’s talk on Hammock Driven Development you should do so now. I’ll wait right here whilst you do. Great talk wasn’t it? Although delivered ten years ago, many of the problems Rich describes I still encounter today so in this post I will discuss the key points from the […]

Learning new text editing shortcuts

Scott Hanselman’s superb video on text editing is a must watch for developers of all levels because it is something that we as developers do on a daily basis, whether it is in a source file, JSON, XML or just a vanilla text file. Here are four keyboard shortcuts I learnt from this video that […]

NDC London 2020

This was my third year in a row attending NDC London and it remains my favorite conference. You can read about my earlier visits in 2018 and 2019. The Operating System As in previous years, the location for NDC London 2020 was the Queen Elizabeth II Centre which is an excellent venue. It is easy […]