What I learnt building an Airport Explorer with ASP.NET Core

Thanks to Scott Hanselman’s tweet. I went off and had an enjoyable couple of hours building Jerrie Pelser’s Airport Explorer and learnt a lot more than I was expecting. Firstly the app is a single page ASP.NET Razor application, something I didn’t even know existed but now will be my first choice to use when developing an upcoming […]

Hello WordPress.com

After several fruitless attempts to contact my previous web host in order to add HTTPS to this site I gave up and moved this blog to WordPress. Additionally I was getting increasingly bored with the management of a self hosted WordPress site with challenges such as deciding which versions of WordPress the hosting company would accept, […]

Some recent podcast episodes

I have listened to these episodes multiple times now and have been able to extract more value and extra insights from them on every playback. I hope you find them enjoyable as much as I have. Akimbo: No such thing (as writers block) Seth Godin’s podcast is superb, this episode on writers block is my […]

NDC 2018

I try to attend a developers conference once a year and this year I attended NDC London 2018.  I was surprised that only two developers out of the many I had asked  before going knew of the NDC brand of conferences.  I discovered NDC thanks to Carl and Richard of .NET Rocks! Thanks gents, I owe […]

Boxing and Unboxing in C#

This post is an aide-memoire as I learn more about boxing and unboxing in C# and is based upon this part of the C# docs. Boxing Is the process of converting a value type (such as int or bool) to the type Object or to any interface type implemented by this value type. When the CLR […]