Hello WordPress.com

After several fruitless attempts to contact my previous web host in order to add HTTPS to this site I gave up and moved this blog to WordPress. Additionally I was getting increasingly bored with the management of a self hosted WordPress site with challenges such as deciding which versions of WordPress the hosting company would accept, which of the several plugins I used should be updated. A lot of noise confronted me each time I logged on when all I just want to put something up that I had learnt. So I have outsourced all of those distractions to WordPress.com.

The migration from self hosting wasn’t as painful as I thought and took about a day. Albeit this was going from one version of WordPress to another. The export functionality creates an XML file that contains posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags only. Importantly the export does not export images. This needs to be done manually. I used downML which downloaded all the images in a WordPress media library into one zip file.

Upon uploading the images to WordPress.com they had a different URL which meant when I imported my posts from the old site, none of the images referenced by the posts could be found. Faced with two options; amending the export script to change the URL for the images in each post or manually add the images. I chose the later simply because by the time I had developed the regex to find and then replace the URL’s, then tested and then fixed and retested and so on I could have made far quicker progress using the manual approach. If my back catalogue of posts had been greater I think I would have taken the programmatic route. Although not the most fun job in the world it is now done and I am pleased with the results. If you noticed any bugs whereby a post is missing an image please get in touch.


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