C# Utility to emulate the XPath 3 function path()

I recently needed to examine a number of XML files and print out the element names that contained text greater than X number of characters. In addition I also need to print the location of that element within the XML document. i.e. given the following document …if I was interested in book titles that had […]

Contributing to an Open Source Project

I have been interested in Git, the distributed version control software since reading the first edition of Scott Chacon’s Git book way back in 2010. However outside of my own projects, my real world experience of using Git is relatively limited and it’s one of the skills I never seem to get around to improving on. To change […]

Using INSERT ALL with related tables

In this article I will demonstrate a method where the INSERTALL statement can be used to insert rows into two tables that are related by a foreign key constraint. The following example was developed and tested using the Pre-Built Oracle Database App Development VM which at the time of this post used Oracle Database  & SQL […]